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  i read a defoe's "of robinson crusoe. i am deeply attracted by the book, it lets me realize robinson the surprising perseverance and indomitable spirit.  robinson crusoe is this book hero. in a maritime, robinson on the ship in a desert island near reef and ship sailors and passengers are all drowned; but crusoe one fortunately survived. the waves roll up the beach on him. in overcoming the initial pessimistic and despair, after that, he with his indomitable perseverance, and nature is launched heroic epic struggle. he depends on his own hands and wisdom, use guns and simple tools, self-reliance, self-reared land lived a desolate yedao life. through unremitting efforts, he not only have their own residence and furniture, and pasture, plantation, even have a pet. in such a terrible circumstances, could live in this way of life, is not easy, it is totally he relies on his perseverance and wisdom creates miracle.  robinson crusoe is a good at helping others, help him from a cannibal rescues the next captive, that day was friday, so they named him "friday". from then on, friday became his faithful partner and servants. robinson also teach he learned to speak english. soon, he was rescued from cannibals several captives, and together they labor, living together. later, an english ship through the desert island, crusoe help captain overpowered rebellion sailor, boat leave desert island and return to england and live a happy life. robinson from castaway to return to england, this paragraph of time unexpectedly for 20 years.  read this book, that i was deeply touched. a personal dire straits, unexpectedly can do this life is full of confidence, bravely facing life, create life, true is valuable. make me realize that people regardless of when and where no matter much difficulty, can be difficult intimidated, bravely facing difficulties and overcome difficulties, and always maintain a positive, optimistic attitude, poised to face challenges and bad luck. only in this way can we like robinson, that is always a victory


  robinson crusoe robinson crusoe was written by daniel defoe. it tells the story of a young explorer who becomes marooned on a deserted island. his experiences of the island change his outlook on life. the story takes place in the 1700’s on a deserted island somewhere off the coast of brazil. the island is fairly large in size and has a small shore. the interior of the island has many trees, wild pigs and other small animals and a small cave in which crusoe stores food. “i walked about the shore lifting up my hands. look around, i see nothing but water, a forest, and the remains of my ship. at first, i was afraid of wild animals but after some exploration of the land, the only animals i had seen were wild pigs, squirrels, and some small birds.” the only possessions that crusoe retrieved from the remains of his ship were a small knife, a box of tobacco, a pipe, and a small book that would later become his journal. robinson crusoe was a young and stubborn explorer. he was extremely tall and strong. his stay on the island changed him from a mean, stubborn man to an open-minded person. “standing at six feet, two inches and having my long, thick brown hair back in a ponytail, i felt as if i was eight feet tall. without the permissi.